Online lettorato lessons continued

Online lettorato lessons continued

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Dear Students,  

The English lettorato will continue this semester online on Wednesdays from 8:30-10 starting on 17 March. This is an extra opportunity to practice your English, especially recommended for 2nd-year students (because you do not have the course this year). All years are welcome, however. So, 1st and 3rd-years, do come! 

To join the MS Education Lettorato Teamcode: 4xpu4uh 

  1. Go to your Teams desktop (where you see all your team icons) 
  2. Go to the top righthand corner and click on “Create or join a team” 
  3. In the box “Join a team with a code” enter the code: 4xpu4uh 


Looking forward to seeing you, 

Anna Csaki