FORMAT OF THE COURSE: It's a Lab course of 6 European-Credits-Transfer-System points (ETCS, or "Crediti Formativi Universitari", CFU, in Italian) for the "Laurea Magistrale" in Physics (equivalent to an advanced Master Degree in Physics in the Anglo-Saxon system). It is proposed in particular, but not exclusively, for students from the Condensed Matter training track, and does not requires particular knowledge of Condensed Matter beyond that acquired during the Bachelor Degree. The amount of hours is 72: about 24 hours of lectures and about 48 hours of assisted sessions in Computer Lab.
Participation is mandatory (see: "Regolamento didattico 2015/16" (Italian only), Art. 11); in case of problems (e.g. overlap with other courses) contact the teacher.

TIME SCHEDULE: The Course is scheduled for the II SEMESTER (February 29 - June 1, 2016). Lectures will be given at the Physics Department, Via Valerio 2, typically 1 "Unit" (0.5 CFU (credits)) per week, consisting in:
- 2 hours of lecture (Wed., 4:00-6:00 p.m., Room B) and
- 4 hours of hands-on session in the Computer Lab (Fri., 9:00-12:45, Lab. "Poropat", II floor)
Possible variations will be announced on this Web page.

LANGUAGE: Lectures are given in English if attended by foreign students from the INTERNATIONAL STUDY PROGRAM IN PHYSICS under the agreement ICTP-University of Trieste, or from other international programmes. Students can give the exam either in English or in Italian.
Labs are equipped with personal computers in a Linux cluster named INFIS. Ask for an account (Modulo account INFIS) if you do not have one; it's important to have access to course material not publicly available on the web. Use of personal laptops is of course allowed.

Maria Peressi: Dept. Physics, Miramare Campus, Strada Costiera 11, I-34151 Trieste, phone: +39 040 2240242;