Moodle2 service description

Moodle is an e-learning system for the learning activities offered by the University of Trieste also with the collaboration with other universities or institutions such as the inter-university courses, long-life learning for staff and the TFAs (Tirocinio Formativo Attivo) for the secondary school.

The platform offers access to institutional or inter-institution courses to authenticated/authorized users belonging to federated institutions. Open courses may be accessed by guests without having a user profile.


IDEM/EDUGAIN service description

IDEM (IDEntity Management for federated access - is the italian federation for the authentication and authorization of the italian universities and research institutions. EDUGAIN provides an efficient, flexible way for participating federations, and their affiliated users and services, to interconnect with just one trusted identity provided by user’s institution. Both federations, aiming to offer a common framework for access the shared on line resources, works with single sign-on (SSO), so that user needs to login only one time during a browser session.

Researchers, students and employees (as know as Users) may use their home institution's credentials for accessing web services (called Service Providers) exposed by all the federated institutions, avoiding multiple user registrations.

Each institution exposing an authentication service toward the Service Providers is called Identity Provider, providing advanced security features and strict privacy policies in respect of the compelling laws.



The authentication data (user, password) is not shared among the entities but cookies are exchanged to temporay store SSL encrypted tokens in order to authenticate the user.



The system and platform logs are kept for 1 year from the last login. The logs are reserved, properly maintained and may be given to the judicial authority only in case of security accident.



The following attributes are required for access Moodle2: EduPersonPrincinpalName, email, GivenName, SN (Surname).

If present, also the Affiliation and EduPersonEntitlement are acquired in order to consent an automatic enrollment to special courses involving specific agreemnts among intitutions.

Further information about the privacy policy are available on



For IDEM federation information please email

For Moodle2 and edugain information please write to

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