3 June Test Booking

3 June Test Booking

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Dear Students,

I hope this message finds you well. To take Wednesday’s test, please go to Moodle and sign up for a time in the “Final Test” section by 3 p.m. tomorrow. Then I will send you the link to the "test" MS team.

Please prepare some form of identification with a photo. Cover any sensitive information and be ready to show me only the picture and your name.

Note: This test is an opportunity to take the exam before the official exam dates on esse3, but it is not visible on esse3 now. If you would like to me to register the result of the 3 June test, I will explain how to proceed when I post the results. If you prefer to not register the result of the 3 June test, just sign up on esse3 to take the exam on one of the next exam days: 19 June or 6 July. Thanks.

Kind regards,

Anna Csaki