The exam consists in:
    1. a personal project assigned by the teacher one week before the exam: it is required a written report (to be given at least the day before the exam - by e-mail) containing: introduction - method - verification of the program - data - analysis (plots are welcome! do not forget to indicate what you plot, legend, axis labels,...) - interpretation, discussion, conclusions; provide separately the code(s) source. Read carefully the guidelines for the report.
      revision of 2 exercises on a different subject, also assigned by the teacher one week before - typically chosen among those done during the course (for these two exercises it is NOT required a written report, but only the relevant tables, plots... answers to questions)
    2. oral exam: discussion of the project and exercises, with related questions spanning over the contents of the course.
  • The course grade will be based not only on the final project and exercises, but also on the homework and the activity during the assisted Lab session.

  • Examination dates: see "esse3"; other dates can be agreed with the teacher.

  • Committee: Peressi Maria, Pastore Giorgio, Smargiassi Enrico

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