Moodle is an e-learning platform (LMS), used by the University of Trieste as a teaching aid and support

  • It is organized in courses. A course can correspond to:
    • a teaching
    • a teaching module
    • a seminar
    • etc

  •  Courses activation on the platform is left to the teachers' free choice, so all the courses included in the Degree courses are not necessarily present

  • Each course is - in most cases - included in the Department, Degree Course and Academic Year of reference.

  • The student is not automatically enrolled in the courses included in his or her study plan 

  • The student - in most cases - has the right to enroll or not in the courses of his / her interest, therefore
    • it is up to the student to enroll independently in the courses
    • the Dashboard - your home page - lists the courses a student has enrolled in. If you have not enrolled in any course it is empty.

  • Each course can be used by the teacher for:
    •  the publication of educational material in various forms such as text, audio, video etc
    •  conducting interactive activities such as homework, quizzes, etc.
    •  communicating with students, through forums, chats

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