Atlas (The) of Port Cities

The Atlas of Port Cities: Networks of commerce and information (18th -19th centuries) - places of negotiation (18th - 20th centuries). Results of the project Venezia dopo Venezia, principal investigator Antonio Trampus.

From the project description: "The first part of the Atlas highlights the nodes and networks that have allowed over time to continue to conceive the area of the upper Adriatic as a complex system, where the different subjects (city-port and free ports) did not move in a logic of simple competition but in a logic of complementarity. The sources used are not only economic-statistical, but also related to information and culture. ... The second part of the Atlas analyzes the development of the urban spaces of port cities (Trieste, Pola, Fiume), to verify the degree of interpenetration and integration between port and city both overlapping the historical topography to the current one, and locating the places destined to the government of the city and to the negotiation and composition of the various social instances".

Visualization tool: Palladio,

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