Digital Harlem

The Digital Harlem website presents information, drawn from legal records, newspapers and other archival and published sources, about everyday life in New York City's Harlem neighborhood in the years 1915-1930. Most of the material relates to the years 1920, 1925, and 1930.
The web interface allows you to search for events and places, and generate interactive web maps based on the search results. You can also select from a list of people, and generate maps of locations where they spent time in Harlem. Multiple layers of results can be displayed on the same map, and each can be toggled on and off. A legend identifying the symbols used on the map can be found to the right. Clicking on a symbol on the map will open a window containing further information about that item. The panel on the right also offers a series of maps combining several different searches related to a particular topic.
The web application is built with Heurist, an academic knowledge management system developed at the University of Sydney Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences under the direction of Dr Ian Johnson.

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