Repertorium Academicum Germanicum The Graduate Scholars of the Holy Roman Empire, 1250 - 1550

The Repertorium Academicum Germanicum (RAG) is a long-term project in the field of digital humanities that records and evaluates the biographical, social and cultural data of university scholars of the Holy Roman Empire. The prosopographic database of the RAG contains information on the elites of the medieval student body: Masters or Licentiates of Arts and graduates of the three higher faculties (jurisprudence, theology and medicine).  Additionally nongraduates from the noblity who attended an university are also taken into account.
Not registered are nongraduate visitors of the arts faculties (scholares simplices) as well as graduates with lower degrees (baccalaurii artium).

The aim of the RAG is to develop the history of the cultural reach of a pre-modern intellectual leadership and impulse group and to gain a comprehensive insight i
nto the medieval origins of the modern knowledge society with around 60,000 people with 360'000 observations on their life and career paths, within the framework of an analysis of contextualized prosopography.

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