The Master will provide you the skills needed for developing your career in an exciting field, with the support of recognized academic and industrial experts and focused hands-on experiences.

2nd level Master (enrollment possible only after having achieved the Master Degree)

Language: English

Teaching method: the Master will be held in English, and will include visits at Companies involved in fields related to Robotics and Automation, mixed University/Enterprise Professors, internships in Companies, multimedia recordings of the classes, with the possibility to follow them via streaming, or downloading and reviewing them later.

Topics: 35 focused modules, including topics like Kinematics and dynamics for robotized systems, Control systems, Artificial Vision, Machine Learning, Sensors and Actuators.  The complete syllabus will be soon available at this site, please check it frequently.

Formal duration: one academic year

Foreseen engagement: classes from January to May 2019, with the time schedule 9.00-13.00 and 14.00-18.00 (a total of about 380 hours).  Internships in the April-October period, for about three to six months (corresponding to about 480-960 hours, depending on availabilities and motivations of both Companies and students).  Guided tours to Companies will be carried out in the classes period, they will usually last a whole day, and they will mostly include some classes held at Companies’ premises.  Individual study as necessary.

Means of verification of the students’ progress: final written and oral exam.