Upgrade of the INFIS system

Upgrade of the INFIS system

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Dear all, starting from yesterday (29/05/2017) there is a new version of OS installed. Concerning the C++ course you should care about these major differences:

1) the system architecture is now 64 bit. This means that any program you have compiled should (must) be recompiled in order to work properly.

2) the default ROOT installation as been upgraded to ROOT 6

3) the default GEANT4 installation has not been recompiled in 64bit and it is not working properly (at the moment).

I have recompiled GEANT4 and ROOT5 in my own directory.

You should be able to access my installation by sourcing the proper setup file (one for both ROOT5 and GEANT4): 

source /home/mocchiut/setup_infis.sh

Once sourced this file you should be able to work as we have done till now.

If you have any problem or notice anything strange please contact me!